Thursday, May 7, 2015

Edit Vim command lines like an Emacs-using pro

Certain things of the tip type and of the time-saving variety, when applicable to one’s Operating System of Choice, are too useful to forgo in favor of strict allegiance to The Other One True Editor. This I say by way of preface before pointing out how you can make use of (what turn out to be) very helpful Emacs-oriented shortcuts in your own local Vim instance.

It has been pointed out to me—I believe by means of an O’Reilly video series, Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers, which features sirs Tim Berglund and Matthew McCullough (I recommend this series, if you are an OS X user)—that certain Emacs-based key bindings involving the moving of cursors are actually built into OS X as it is. The two that I’ve been using most since I realized this are <c-a> (Ctrl+a) and <c-e> (Ctrl+e), which move the cursor to either the beginning (<c-a>) or end (<c-e>) of the text you’ve entered.

You need not be an OS X user to find these useful outside of Emacs, of course. If you’ve switched from The One True Editor to The Other One True Editor, or even if you haven’t but still want to edit command lines in Vim, you may be interested in the following mappings, which are available from :help emacs-keys and which I just discovered recently while perusing tips.txt, as I recommended last time:

" start of line
:cnoremap <c-a>        <home>
" back one character
:cnoremap <c-b>        <left>
" delete character under cursor
:cnoremap <c-d>        <del>
" end of line
:cnoremap <c-e>        <end>
" forward one character
:cnoremap <c-f>        <right>
" recall newer command-line
:cnoremap <c-n>        <down>
" recall previous (older) command-line
:cnoremap <c-p>        <up>
" back one word
:cnoremap <esc><c-b>    <s-left>
" forward one word
:cnoremap <esc><c-f>    <s-right>

That is all taken directly from tips.txt. Quite splendid stuff; I wouldn’t necessarily use all of those, but at least I can now have <c-a> and <c-e> in Vim’s command line, with the others also there in case they should prove useful.


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