Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to use :helpgrep in Vim

Vim’s quickfix mode, in case you weren’t already familiar with it, is meant to assist error correction in a situation involving compilers and error messages. You can save compiler errors to a file and have Vim list each one, with line numbers, the easier to jump to it. Errors show up in the quickfix window (a horizontal split below whatever you were already working on).

Vim also has :grep (and :vimgrep) commands. These use the OS’s grep or grep equivalent (or Vim’s own “internal grep”) to find patterns (search patterns) in a file. They can make use of the same window:

Related to these commands is a cool one, :helpgrep, which is (as its name might suggest) a grep dedicated to searching Vim’s help. It’s simple to use—unlike other grep commands, it doesn’t require a filename, and instead searches all of the various Vim help files for whatever pattern you give it.

The cpoptions option can be (is) a tad mysterious. It’s one of the option strings (like concealcursor, which we discuss in the book), and each character in the string stands for a bit of vi behavior which Vim will support. To see each time that cpoptions is referred to in a help entry, we could run this:

:helpgrep cpoptions

(It’s important to note that in this example, “cpoptions” is a pattern—a Vim regex pattern—even despite the lack of escaped or special characters here.)

When I run the command, I am taken to line 810 of the help file for TwitVim (since I’ve installed that plugin and its help file has been added to my Vim). This is printed on the command line:

(1 of 17): like 'magic' is set and 'cpoptions' is empty. (Essentially, this is

That’s the line that the cursor was put on (810 of the help file).

From here, we can navigate through results using quickfix commands. (As in the Vim help, the bracketed parts of the commands are optional; you can enter just the non-bracketed part to save time.)

:cfir[st] (needs the ir to distinguish it from :cf, which is for :cfile, an error-related command)
:cla[st] (needs the a to distinguish it from :cl, which is for :clist)

:cl shows all of the results in “list” format (rather like :messages shows messages).

Notice the last one. When we’re running :helpgrep, :cw can open all of the results in a jump-enabling (and search-enabling!) window: the quickfix window.

Each entry (as you can see from the illustration) shows the name of the help file it’s in, the line and column numbers, and then the relevant line.

To jump to an entry, just hit Enter. The usual navigation commands apply in this buffer, too: you can j and k your way around if you wish, but also do not forget / and the power of Search To Navigate™!


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