Tuesday, April 22, 2014

VimL Book Potentially To Occur In The Pre-Apocalyptic Future

It is with great pleasure and not a little degree of non-informal great and pleasurable greatness that we [The “we” is editorial.—Ed.] announce what is formally announced in the following non-formal informal announcement!


Your Humble News Editor™


is working on an introductory VimL book


right now, even as we speak type


so far mostly from Ferguson, Missouri, but actually really from all over the country


because VimL is fun!

Let us [The “us” is editorial.—Ed.] now expand on some of these.

What? I have, since early April of this year, been working on an introductory book on VimL. It is to be for people such as I was some time ago, who use Vim enough to know how to quit it without Googling the relevant commands but don’t know where to start with VimL outside of copying and pasting from GitHub-based vimrcs.

And I’m all like: But srsly, what? VimL is the built-in scripting language that comes with Vim. You write it every time you toggle a setting in your vimrc file, or switch to a different color scheme, but maybe you don’t have a nice basis to start with actually learning how to extend Vim beyond this sort of thing. That’s a problem—I’d like to solve it.

Who? This is, as I’ve hinted, to be by me, but the actual publishers behind this effort are no less than [Drumrolls are hard to represent in text; our apologies.—Ed.] The Pragmatic Bookshelf! These are the same people behind Drew Neil’s Practical Vim (to say nothing of Grails 2: A Quick-Start Guide), so you know that they’re easily convinced by fanatical Vim users this will be good.

When? There are actually deadlines involved here, but our [The “our” is editorial.—Ed.] preliminary estimates indicate that we are (purely writing-wise) about 1/6th of the way there (more or less). This is pre-editization and review and suchlike, so Things (as they [The “they” is editorial.—Ed.] say) Could Change, but it is looking about now like the writing will be done some time between now and the end of May.

Why? VimL is not known for much like ease of use, and there is little out there for anybody who wants to get into it and needs a clear introduction with which to start out. The goal of this book is to be all of short, to-the-point, and beginner-focused (readers should have experience with Vim but be new to VimL). It’s to take a “learn by doing” approach and get a foundational understanding across in a short number of pages; from there, great feats of scripting are liable to be accomplished by you. [Yes, this was a use of the passive voice. It will just have to be put up with.—Ed.]

This is mostly all for now. Expect further details no later than you shall have reason to expect them (hopefully soon), and in the meantime, happy Vimming!